Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Women are getting paid to take surveys!

If you’re looking for a way to earn money while staying home with your children, getting paid for taking surveys may be just the solution you’ve been searching for.

Every day, thousands of moms just like you use paid survey programs to get the cash they need without the stress of a traditional part-time job. Since you can complete surveys while your toddler is napping or while your son is busy at soccer practice, it’s the ideal money-making solution for busy moms.

Paid survey programs exist to conduct market research for companies who are interested in learning more about their customer’s needs and product preferences. This means that almost anyone is qualified to start getting paid for taking surveys. For example, moms are highly sought-after participants for surveys about cleaning products, children’s toys, and new types of convenience foods.

Although earnings from completing online surveys will vary, many participants say it’s easy to make money every month by sharing your opinions with the various paid survey programs. Participants who have more time to devote to this opportunity say they can even earn as much as they could from a traditional job from completing online surveys.

Since many surveys pay between $10 and $30 and take less than 30 minutes to complete, online surveys provide a flexible way to earn a nice source of supplemental income without ever leaving your home. Whether you’re trying to pay down old credit card debts or start saving for your child’s college education, learning how to get paid for surveys is a smart move.

Of course, the best survey sites offer more than just financial compensation. For example, many sites will also provide participants with the opportunity to receive free product samples. When you work at home doing surveys, you can receive samples of everything from cat food to disposable diapers. The samples are yours to keep in exchange for providing your feedback and helping the manufacturers to create a better product.

Some survey sites will also enter participants in drawings to win gift certificates, cash prices, vacations, or other special incentives. Imagine how exciting it would be to treat your family to an all-expenses paid trip to Walt Disney World. These extra perks are just part of the fun when you’re getting paid for taking surveys!

Taking online surveys isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, so you’ll need to be persistent if you want to be successful. Just like selling Tupperware or starting your own home daycare business, you’ll need to give yourself some time to learn the ropes of this money-making opportunity. For example, many novice participants are frustrated when they are denied payment for a survey because they don’t meet the program’s participation qualifications.

If you’re interested in getting paid for taking surveys, taking the time to read a survey’s directions and eligibility criteria can prevent a lot of unnecessary headaches! So can hooking up with a proven expert source within the survey industry.

Curing Yeast Infections With Better Fashion Choices?

A January 9 article at Delaware Online traces the agonizing pain to which women have subjected themselves over the centuries in order to look great. From ancient Chinese foot-binding, to 18th century whalebone corsets to today's ultra-tight jeans and high heels, women have been torturing themselves to varying degrees since the beginning of recorded history.

Here's something interesting: According to "Ouch Couture," our fashion choices may play a role in our efforts at curing yeast infections.

That's right. Those tight hip huggers may attract stares, but they also increase the odds of developing a nasty yeast infection.

Curing Yeast Infections vs. Looking Good on a Saturday Night... That shouldn't be a hard decision, right?

Well, for many women it is. Although the article doesn't include an interview with any yeast infection sufferers, it does feature a discussion with one woman whose love for high heels has led her to dismiss recommendations for more sensible shoes from both her pedicurist and her podiatrist! Obviously, many people value their appearance over their health when it comes to making these decisions.

I wouldn't recommend those "painted on jeans" for a yeast infection sufferer, but I would tell them if they can't resist body-hugging fashion, they should also investigate ways to strengthen their resistance to yeast infection. Natural ways of curing yeast infections do work and they could serve as a safeguard against some of the risks of "ouch couture."

Linda Allen's natural method of battling yeast infection--a proven system that stops the problem dead in its tracks--is the kind of thing every fashionista should know about.

If you aren't ready to give up on squeezing into something a size or two too small, you should at least make sure you're making every other effort to stay healthy!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How to Attract a Guy (and you won't even need the miniskirt!)

If your man-hunting plan involves increased workouts, a stringent diet, a dye job and a microscopic miniskirt, you might want to think again. The belief that men have a one-track mind may be misplaced. If you want to know how to attract a guy, it pays to know what guys are really like.

So, you’re looking for a boyfriend. You want a guy in your life. Before you go out and purchase an outfit that’s better-suited for a Las Vegas “gentleman’s club” than the office and before you buy into the latest “lose pounds fast” scheme, you might want to take another look at what guys really want.

In the spirit of absolute honesty, it is true that guys appreciate what was once discretely referred to as a “well-turned ankle.” Good looks do inspire attention. Ellie Mae is more visually interesting to Joe Generic than is Ms. Hathaway. However, confusing leers with actual attraction isn’t very helpful. The stereotypical guy may want to date a stripper, but the real men out there in the world are a little more complex.

Essence magazine and AOL did research that found over three-fourths of all men wanted a woman with “a little meat on her bones” and not a Naomi Campbell look-a-like. The people at Grazia magazine polled their readership and found that more than half of the men were more interested in great smiles and warm personalities than they were in great gams and tiny waistline.

Polls like these inevitably reveal that men find women attractive for a variety of reasons and most of them have little (if anything) to do with commonly held stereotypes of the ideal feminine form. Things like religion, career aspirations, family ties and a host of other factors all play a role in what makes a woman attractive.

Men might not be as sensitive and complex as women, but they aren’t cave-dwellers, either. If you want to know about finding the right person, the first step is thinking about men as people and not as sex-crazed caricatures. Getting past the myths and stereotypes is essential.

If you want to know how to attract a guy, you need to get past the stereotypical notion that they’re “only interested in one thing.” You need to understand what their attraction buttons really are and how to push them.

Fortunately, that doesn’t require trial and error or reliance upon intuition. You can look at what men really say about women and what makes them irresistible. Polls are conducted regularly with consistent results and experts have taken the time to gather up data and experience to provide serious suggestions about how to find the right guy. To make matters even better, their hints rarely if ever involve crash diets or wearing slinky lingerie!

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How to Attract a Men (Don't Believe the Hype)

Women who want to know how to attract men need to look past common stereotypes and misperceptions. The common myths about male interests and desires create a poorly focused image of the male population and what guys really find interesting about women.

If you are on the prowl for a man, you’ve probably given at least a little thought to what men want in a woman. If you’re like most women, you didn’t hold those thoughts too long, though. After all, you all know what a guy wants, right?

You’ve been taught since childhood that guys are after one thing and one thing only. You’ve been warned again and again about their one track minds. You know that looks trump smarts every time and that a short skirt is a recipe for man-attracting success if you can get your legs supermodel thin and tan. You know what a guy wants. You know how to attract men.

Time to burst the bubble. You don’t.

The common stereotype is convenient and easy. It also has some basis in fact. There’s no reason to lie. Men do have sex drives and a gorgeous pin-up will inevitably get more attention walking down the street than will the average Jane Doe. That much is true. The error comes when that attention is confused with real attraction. If you can get past the myths, you’ll find that attracting men has less to do with a wiggle in the walk than it does with a host of other factors.

If you find that hard to believe, just start asking guys what they really want. If you don’t have time or motivation to conduct your own extensive interview, see what others have learned. Grazia magazine polled men and found that the perfect woman was curvy, not boyish. Over half of the guys said they were more comfortable with the girl next door than they could be with a bombshell. They preferred good smiles and the right personality to D-cups and short skirts by an astounding majority.

An Essence magazine poll revealed that more than three out of four guys weren’t interested in the runway model look. Their poll also indicated that the oft-cited one-track mind is actually a multi-lane freeway. A host of factors influenced what men found attractive. Things you might not ever considered played a role in the male outlook toward women.

If you’d like to know how to attract a man, you need to start by understanding how men really think. If you remain committed to the incorrect stereotypical perspective on male desire and attraction, you’ll be fighting an uphill struggle. Women who take the time to learn about men and what makes them tick will invariably do better at finding a partner than adherents to the stereotype.

Check out Cucan Pemo's highly-regarded "500 Secrets About Men" to get a glimpse into the male mind and to find ways to land Mr. Right without being forced into a pair of fishnets or impossibly high heels. Right now, Cucan is giving away free sample materials to anyone who wants them.

What Do Men Really Want? If You Guessed Thin, Blonde and Dumb--You're Wrong!

The stereotypical male is on the hunt for a ditzy blonde with a supermodel’s figure. Luckily, that stereotypical guy doesn’t seem to exist in the real world. If you look beyond the male myth, you’ll find the answer to the age-old question “What do men really want?”

Quick. What are guys looking for in a woman. Let me guess what the first notions to cross your mind were. You probably conjured up a mental image of a human Barbie doll: rail-thin, busty, blonde, a plastic and hollow head. Hey, that’s a reasonable conclusion to reach. After all, you’ve been told that’s what the guys are after for years from a variety of sources.

The problem with that thinking is that it’s just plain wrong. That isn’t how men think and if you get past the stereotypical image of a slobbering guy eyeing a blonde bimbo you’ll begin to understand what really attracts a man.

Let’s be honest. If you happen to have a Barbie physique you will get more attention than Plain Jane. Men might not be as shallow as we think, but they certainly aren’t immune to popular conceptions of beauty. However, you shouldn’t assume that attention translates into legitimate interest.

A recent poll of men performed by Grazia magazine discovered that the Barbie bod was not on the list of priorities for most guys. In fact, well over half of the men polled reported feeling more comfortable and interested in the proverbial girl next door than they would if they were out grocery shopping with a supermodel. Good looks attract stares, but they don’t equate to real attraction.

Essence magazine polled its readership and learned that guys were not as sex-driven as many people might think. Not only did they learn that hormones are only one part of the attraction factor, they also found that most guys really aren’t as excited about skinny gals as the popular media might lead one to believe. More than seventy-five percent of respondents said they liked a woman with some “meat on her bones.”

So, what do men really want? Well, the answer to that can be a little complicated. It’s certainly more complicated than the stereotypical image of the lumbering caveman many women have. Factors like family, career aspirations, religion, a smile, personality and host of other factors are all part of the love equation.

Time and time again, credible research and polling proves that guys aren’t on the lookout for a living breathing Barbie doll. They have more on their minds than “you know what.” If you to know what men want, you need to know who men really are. It might be convenient to carry that one-dimensional image of the average male around with you, but it certainly doesn’t help when it comes to finding a meaningful relationship.

Cucan Pemo is giving away free information about what men really want. The no-obligation free samples from the fascinating guide to men, "500 Secrets about Men" is definitely worth checking out!

Attracting a Man (It Isn't ALL About Sex)

Men have a reputation for being the owners of one track minds. It may be true that guys have a different outlook than women on sex-related issues, but there’s no reason to believe that attracting a man is all about sex or sex appeal. In fact, recent studies are telling a very different story.

Guys might froth at the mouth every time they see Angelina Jolie and may be the driving force behind a multi-billion dollar “adult entertainment” industry, but don’t let those attributes fool you. When it comes to finding someone to love, it isn’t all about sex for most men.

A recent Grazia magazine poll found that men valued a great smile and a winning personality over a supermodel’s build by a huge margin. A surprising sixty percent of the gentleman polled reported that they’d feel more comfortable with the “girl next door type” than they would having a Playboy centerfold on their arm.

Essence magazine teamed up with AOL to poll a thousand black men about their interests in women. Not only did the guys dismiss the idea that “thin is in,” they also shed a great deal of light on the perceived role of sex in a happy relationship. Men are willing to wait for sex in a relationship and more than ten percent of them don’t even list sex as an important factor in a long term, married relationship.

Those two surveys are only the beginning. We have created a mythology of the sex-driven male, but we lack real data to support the conclusion. Every time a researcher or pollster actually takes the time to find out what a man really wants, the evidence seems to fly in the face of the conventional “one track mind” assumption.

If attracting a man isn’t all about physical factors, what does matter? To get the answer to that question, you have to get past the myth and start digging deeper. For instance, do you know how much difference your career aspirations may have in attracting a man? How about your perspective toward religion? Things like that make a huge difference in men’s perception about the fairer sex. What women don’t think about it often more important than what they mistakenly believe men are obsessing over. If you want to understand what attracts a guy, you need to know how men feel about things like work, family, religion and political involvement.

If you aren’t sure about the way men see those things, the good news is that you don’t have to really on women’s instinct or pure guesswork. Polls, research, studies and other carefully-crafted informational materials can give you a good look at how men really think and how they really decide who’s attractive and who isn’t.

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How to Attract a Man (You Might Be Surprised)

Don’t add an extra two miles to your jogging route or book a liposuction appointment quite yet. When pollsters get down to the nitty gritty about what men really find attractive in a woman they come up with some interesting findings.

Men like skinny women. That’s an indisputable certainty on par with death’s inevitability and annual demands from the Internal Revenue service, right? Don’t be so sure. Women might think there’s an image of ninety-pound perfection rattling around in the male mind, but when guys are actually grilled about what they find attractive they tell a different story.

You might be hard-pressed to find a guy who’s repulsed by the supermodel phsyique. Most men would probably volunteer as a cell phone target for an infuriated, rail-thin Naomi Campbell. That might have more to do with her facial symmetry and reputation as a heart-throb than with her wiry frame, though.

A recent study of British men by Grazia magazine determined that the image of perfection would probably be a gal with curves. In fact, the article reported that a whopping sixty percent of guys actually feel more comfortable with the girl next door than they would with runway eye candy.

News from the other side of the pond supports a similar conclusion. AOL and Essence magazine canvassed black males and discovered that nearly three out of every four respondents preferred a woman with a little “meat on her bones.”

The popular perception among countless women (and a belief that fuels billions of dollars in diet industry profits) is that thinner is better. When one actually goes straight to the horse’s mouth, however, his neigh doesn’t support that conclusion.

If you want to know how to attract a man, you’ll have to begin by giving up those false perceptions that “thin is always in.” Understanding what makes men tick requires understanding men, not soaking in Cosmo cover images and the “look like Skeletor or be lonely” message pushed by those with a financial interest in your insecurities.

Guys might not always be the brightest bulbs in humanity’s marquee, and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that they approach the world from a different perspective than the fairer sex. However, that doesn’t mean they want to play xylophone on their eventual spouse’s ribs or that they feel a need to carry her across the threshold with one hand tied behind the back.

That doesn’t mean you have to rely on guesswork in your pursuit of a fella. Surveys like the ones just mentioned and host of books, articles and informational materials produced by those who’ve spent the time necessary to learn what guys really like can show you how to attract a man without being forced to adopt a steady diet of cabbage soup.

Cucan Pemo's "500 Secrets about Men" is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to attract a man. You don't have to take my word for it and invest your money to find out, either. Visit Cucan's site and you can get sample materials that spill the beans about what men really find attractive without spending a dime. Cucan's giving away free information about what you need to know to find Mr. Right.